Our Founders

Hooi Loo

Hooi Loo graduate from University of Akron, Ohio, USA with Masters in Music, Piano Performance. She is an experienced performer and an excellent teacher specializing in teaching pre-school students and preparing advanced students for Year 12 ATAR music exams.

She is also a highly sought after accompanist who is currently on the AMEB list of piano accompanists. She has taught briefly at WA Music Conservatorium (Currently WAAPA) in 1992-1993. Over the years she has had many students who have now gone on to become teachers themselves.

Jeff Loo

Jeff Loo is a classical guitar graduate of the Yamaha Music School (Malaysia) system and has taught at the school and performed at various musical competitions and events in Malaysia and the UK.

A subscriber of the “Segovian” discipline but also an avid technopreneur, Jeff is working on combining his musical learnings with his technical interest into an innovative musical program at Kai Arts & Music.

Our Teachers



Ginny is a highly sought after teacher who is experienced and thorough. Many of her students scored A+ for their piano exams through her detailed teaching method.

She strikes up good relationship with her students and many have followed her from kindy to high school.



Kenny has a AMEB A. Mus. Qualification in piano. She is
a soft spoken and dedicated teacher who is excellent in guiding her students through examinations and performances.

She is a good performer and accompanist and is dedicated to pass on her experiences and knowledge to her students.



Melissa is a good pianist who believes in excellence at the art of piano learning, regardless of levels and experience. She could guide both beginners and advanced students with great understanding in the ways to practice and improve.

She is also an accompanist for various AMEB instrumental exams.



Liam is a WAAPA graduate in Classical Violin and Viola. He has performed in various concerts as soloists and in collaborative performances.

He is a highly talented violinist and violist who has a large repertoire comprising concertos, sonatas
and more. Liam is a good teacher who would nurture a young beginner to become a good violinist.


(Piano and Saxophone)

Natalie has officially been teaching piano and saxophone since 2021, sharing her extensive musical knowledge and expertise with aspiring musicians.

She completed ABRSM Grade 8 Piano in 2016 and Grade 5 Theory in 2012. In 2018 and 2019, she studies the WACE music program, specialising in piano while classically trained in aural skills, theory and performance. Additionally, she joined the PIMS program, graining experience in orchestral music by playing both soprano and alto saxophone.

Throughout her musical journey, she has accumulated an extensive performance history, participating in solo, duet, trio, ensemble. Because of this, she encourages her students to foster connections with fellow music enthusiasts and gain confidence by performing for one another.

In addition to her teaching and performance experience, she has served as a piano accompanist in various settings, including jazz bands, choir, and wind orchestras. Her musical journey has been diverse, encompassing Jazz and Contemporary genres during her childhood, followed by a transition to Classical music. This wide-ranging experience allows her to adapt to students’ individual learning styles and preferences.

Furthermore, she boasts teaching experience, ranging from beginners to students preparing for AMEB Grade 6 exams, catering her lessons to all age groups.


Anthony is a good violinist who is also an excellent leader in a group environment. Learning violin since age five, and developed proficiency in all aspects of the violin.

He has been our main teacher in our various music camps, leading the young players in ensemble playing, making sure that the concert repertoire is learnt during a targeted timeline and the final concert performance is successful.

Choose to learn from one of the top young violinists in Perth, with experience including solos at the Perth Concert Hall, university-run concerts, and the Concertmaster of the Perth modern Symphony Orchestra.

A subscriber of the “Suzuki” method of violin teaching, Anthony is keen to help student violinists achieve their goals, whatever they may be.



Sammi is a pianist whose passion for music ignited at the age of 3. Throughout the years of learning piano, she developed an innate connection with the instrument. Her journey has been marked by unwavering commitment and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In 2022, she completed AMEB Certificate of Performance in 2022 and Grade 5 Theory in 2021. She studied the WACE music program in 2019 and 2020, specialising in piano while classically trained in aural skills, theory and performance. Throughout her high school years, she showcased her musical talents in a variety of events, including Jazz nights, Soloist Concerts, and was asked to perform at the 2019 Valedictory and the 2020 Year 12 Farewell concerts. Furthermore, she also played for a local church, All Saints’ Parish of Bull Creek, for their Sunday services.

She started teaching at Kai Arts & Music in 2021, she has taken on a leadership role in various musical camps, where she guides young musicians in solo performances, duets, and accompanying group guitar and violin ensembles for their final concerts.


(Guitar & Piano)

Chloe is a profound classical guitarist & pianist who has been learning music since the age of 4, alongside vocal training. Over the years, she has grown up participating in Eisteddfods, exams, competitions and the Performing arts Festival, serving as an accompanist throughout primary school and high school, being part of the musical scholarship program and performing at the Perth Concert Hall, with credible achievements.

She believes that music is a canvas for self expression, not just a series of technical exercises and notes. Truly great music cannot be achieved with mere technique, emotion is what sets you aside from others and that’s what guides students to find their musical identity to create genuine performances.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Chloe offers an enjoyable, yet efficient method of teaching that enhances your technique through her own personal experiences, while encouraging the art of self expression.