Moto Perpetuo played by William, accompanied by Hooi
Millionaire’s Hoedown by Strings Ensemble, piano accompanied by Chris

Outstanding Students

Anthony Du


Kevin Pang


Jeffrey Pang


Jiading Loo




Guitar Ensemble

(Group Guitar)

Highlights from Music Camps

2021 Christmas Camp, Guitar Group, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

2023 Chinese New Year Music Camp, Guitar Group, Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

2023 Christmas in July Music Camp


Jeffrey and Kevin – Jongo (Guitar)

Anthony and Liam – Passacaglia (Violin)

Guitar Ensemble – Mario Brothers

2024 Australia Day Music Camp


Anthony – Zigeunerweisen (Violin)

Jeffrey, Kevin, Jinnry – Libertango (Guitar and Cello)

Daisy – Firement (Piano)

Strings Ensemble – Millionaire’s Hoedown